Pinned to Perfection : Hair style with Pins
Didn’t think that plain old bobby pins could become a key accessory? Well they are now. These easy to access and use hair grips can look great when used n numbers to hold a style. Try picking up ones in different colours, or in metallic hue. If nothing plain black ones will also do. Can’t do an elaborate do with this? Simply use five to six pins together on the side to hold your hair styles.

Sweet Sophisticate
Buns are classic up dos. Season after season they remain popular albeit in different forms. Right now wear your sleeked, polished, and with lots of élan. By Ruby Chakraborty (Beauty Magazine)

Never let it be said that buns are for matrons, librarians, or old ladies. It is as young and fresh as it can get that keep coming up on the ramp year after year. Last time round the buns were low, teased, and had lots of texture. In fact it is one of easiest to wear to fight the frizzies or to hide a failed styling attempt. A quick twisting of the low ponytail around the base and pinned was all you needed to do. But that’s changed now. For a more sophisticated turn the buns have gone way up on the head. Not a hair is out of place. You will need to arm yourself with light hold gel, shine spray, and mousse, definitely pins.

Topknot Hairstyle
This is a classic style that is more sleek, and higher on the head than ever. To get the look smooth some light hold gel through the top part of your head. Then pull your hair into a high ponytail almost on the top of your head, and twist it into a bun. You can either tease the bun for a more textured look, or wrap a hair wrap (like shown here) around the bun for a sleek look. Since this is an ultra smooth style, keep your makeup sophisticated, and highlight your lips with a bright lipstick, and glowing skin.

Braid In Hairstyle

 Give a softer look to your top knot by lacing in some braids to the knot. Start by spraying some smoothing spray into the strands; use a straightening iron to iron out the kinks. Then divide your hair at the top your head into four sections Weave in braids close to the scalp till you reach the top of your head; braid two longer plats at the side of your head just above the ears. Then pull up your tresses into a ponytail and roll it loosely to create a fan like bun on top. Pin, and then wrap the braids at side around the base of the bun. 

Double Cinnabun Hairstyle

This is a sophisticated take on top knot. It can be worn to formal events, or even by the bride who is dressing in a traditional garb. This kind of style can hold the head cover very firmly, giving you a slimmer silhouette. This is like a top knot, but it is slightly lower at the back. Roll and twist the ponytail tightly around the base to create a Danish bun like structure, fix it. Then attach a small hair switch (smaller bun) on top of the cinnabun to get a Grecian style.

Ripe Roll Hair Style

It is one of the easiest buns to pull off. Simply sleek back hair using as smoothing spray. Then take the hair to one side of the head at the back – higher than the nape, in the middle. Make a ponytail and then start rolling your hair into a pipe and take it across the head, pinning the roll as you go. Then finish off at the base of the ponytail by tucking in the ends securely with pins.


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