In a wedding ceremony two people are united in a relationship called marriage. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes.
Bridal is the most important personality in the Wedding Ceremony. In South Asia there are lot of customs and cultural things associated with bridal. Bridal dresses, bridal bath, bridal makeup and Bridal Henna are the most significant stuff for a Bridal in a Wedding Ceremony.
Here we are going to share some cool and awesome Henna (Mehndi Designs) for Beautiful Brides. These Designs contains beautiful Bridal mehndi designs for hands and feets, Arabic Mehendi designs and a lot of others floral Henna designs.

As we all know hands play considerable role in our beauty, so for a Bridal Makeup, the hands are more important. Henna (Mehndi) is vital for the beauty of hands. There are lot of designs and patterns available for Bridal Hand Henna.
In the following picture simple floral work for the palm, fingers and wrist is exposed. Such type of designs are sketched specially for wedding Henna Party (Mehndi Party). This heenna design is designed with the help of beautiful floral and leaf mehndi style fill all the fingers, front hands and arms.

Henna designs are become more popular for feet as well. On the feet you have enough space to sketch out large Henna Patterns. Legs along with feet are also used for Henna. For Barrat (Wedding Day) Bridals mostly sketched out their feet with beautiful Henna Designs. Floral designs, leaf designs and different patterns are used for feet Henna. In this picture beautiful pattern is sketched out with glossy motif and Para stuff and the designer designed this colorful henna design by following Indian mehndi culture.

Diagonal Floral Henna Design covers hands and arms. Such types of Henna Designs are used for Barrat. In South Asia such type of designs are more popular as they reflect their cultural norms.This mehndi trend is also followed by Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran and other Arabic brides.

Let’s have a closer view of design. You can trace it out for you easily as this Henna Design have a clear view in this picture. This hena design can be used in Mehendi Party for playing Dandiya dance.

In this picture Indian Henna Style for arms is shown. The Henna design covers the both upper and lower side of the arm with nice floral and repeated pattern of different cool shapes. It looks stunning.

The thick and beautiful Indian Leaf Henna Styles for Palm and wrist are used widely as Bridal Henna. In this picture designer did his/her work with full devotion and used small and large leafs to make such a beautiful and cool Henna Design.


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