A trifecta of elegance, sophistication and luxurious fabric defines Sobia Nazir’s lawn collection for summer 2010. Sobia Nazir combines her timeless style with the fluid strokes of a creator’s brush to her latest collection. Colours rush forth emulating the summer mood and the vibrancy of the woman of today.

Sobia indulges in color and motif fearlessly, as she experiments with dessert like pastels and traditional patterns shot through with bright sparks of hues such as Cadmium red, Prussian blue and delicious magenta.

With the lovely airy styles that are all the rage this season, Sobia’s prints will find their own niche in summer wardrobes this year. 
Go with bold rich colors to make a statement or change into flirty floral colours and prints for a feminine charm.  (Instep Magazine) Model: Mehreen Syed

This traditional baggy salwar kameez in cyan color have cultural neck (Gala) style with stylish border and have baggy trouser salwar.

Frock culture is famous in Pakistan and India. Gul Ahmed, Nisha, Rupali and many other dress designers also introduced some frock designs in Asia for casual wear. That’s why Sobia may also introduced frock in white, black and red color combination. Frock have V style neck in sleeveless style and have Trouser casual salwar.

As a summer style so Model Mehreen Syed is looking well-dressed in sleeveless dress. Pink dress have black lace border and have black neck style. The Flat fitted ladies trouser is looking dazzling with this dress.

Punjabi cultural Salwar Kameez in sleeveless dress in black and gray color contrast have pink gotta lace. The kameez (Kurti) is long which is the latest trend have black trouser salwar.

In Sobia’s  Summer Bouquet  this dress have multi-cultural effect. The dress is looking like Gown, Kurti, Frock. This casual dress may specially designed for casual beach or holiday wear. This sleeveless dress have baggy style of trouser salwar.


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