What is it about the salwar kameez that makes it so popular among the women? Let’s take a look why Salwar Kameez is a popular choice today

Most traditional Indian clothes are extremely graceful, but I’m sure everyone will agree that traditional clothes are at the same time quite cumbersome too. They are not exactly designed for working. Contrary to most ethnic clothes however, the shalwar kameez, apart from being sophisticated, is also comfortable. It is convenient to wear on short notice and allows ease of movement for the wearer. It’s hardly surprising that the salwar kameez has gained popularity with the large section of working women 

Unlike western outfits where the shirt rides up your back while sitting and exposes your waist, the shalwar kameez  is long and prevents continuous tugging at the dress. The comfortable fit ensures that you need not adjust the kameez or salwar each time you sit down or stand up. And, the best reason to wear a salwar kameez? No panty lines! 

The salwar kameez is perfect as a casual wear as well as a party outfit. A simple salwar kameez can be modified easily for office wear as well as clubbing. Keep make up and jewelry light during the day time and while stepping out to party, step up the accessories and face paint. Voila! Your simple outfit is transformed into a gorgeous party dress.

An open secret among middle aged Indian women is that they long to wear western outfits, but lack the courage to do so. Experimenting with clothes at their age is either an open invitation to ridicule or criticism (at least that’s what they think). For them the salwar kameez is the answer to their prayers. This Mughal attire suits women of all shapes and sizes and hence has been received warmly by the middle aged fashion aspirants. 

Another plus point of the salwar suit is that it is low maintenance. No dry-cleaning, starching, polishing etc required. The salwar kameez can be hand washed and ironed at home just as easily as a T shirt. The only exceptions are salwar kameezes made of delicate fabrics such as georgette or chiffon. 

A churidar kameez is open to plenty of experimentation. Leggings, churidars, pajamas, patialas, bell bottoms, shararas, flared pants and parallel pants all can be worn with a kurta. The kurta length can also be varied according to individual style. Short or long, a fitted kurta looks good either way. In fact, short kurtas with jeans have been a staple of Indian college women for quite sometime now. another recent player in this field is the dress kurta which is a short kurta, paired with leggings or churidar and worn without a dupatta. Quite an Indo-Western combination!

There is hardly any other dress in the world which is so versatile and yet comfortable for all seasons and occasions. With so many perks packed into a single outfit, the salwar kameez finds its place of pride in every fashionable lady’s wardrobe.


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