Technology made easy to do tough things in a simple and efficient way. Advancement in any field of technology gives numerous ways to complete the jobs in a better way. Technology advancement in Textile and agriculture industry brings a fresh and innovative era and with this facility now we can enjoy the variety of styles, designs, Fashion, patterns of clothing and fabric stuff.
Today she9 team will presents some same sort of stuff that influenced and produced through this advance era. Fabrication has a core part in clothing and girls now have large number of choices to wear according to fashion.
Saree was a cultural dress of India but with the passage of time it becomes a famous dress of women. Here we will present some latest stylish designs and Indian patterns of Saree dress. All the Saree Designs are colorful and fancy and with the requirements of Fashion 2010 and 2011.

Thin Embroidery Lace fabric is now common for women clothing and designers use this stuff on large scale to develop fancy and stylish dresses. Following Saree simply is a best color combination with floral embroidery work. Ground of Blouse fabric basically printed in some shapes and then nourished with some lace and embroidery work. The Saree Pallu enriched with intensive embroidery and thread work to make this more fancy and stylish. The border of Saree Pallu designed with silver shiny Lace has some floral pattern. The other Saree Dress Design is also stitched on same pattern. The only difference in pattern is Saree Pallu style, the second one has Ghaghra Style.

Silk Sarees are the most likely dress during summer season, silk fabric within its nature has strong bandanna with thin ground stuff. This fancy Saree is a beautiful combination of design and embroidery work. At Saree Pallu designer fixed large amount of big thread made flowers and comparatively on blouse use small flowers. This looks amazing and the full sleeve blouse with large round neck pattern makes this usual and one can wear this Saree in a wedding ceremony too. Silver thin Lace strip works on cuffs are looking cool. 

Double color knitted fabric also largely used to develop expansive and fancy Sarees. Following Saree dress is in Fish Tail format and designer use double mustard color combination. Beautiful leaf style pattern is being used to develop Saree Pallu’s border. Half Sleeve blouse also in two colors and have some embroidery work on it too. This Saree could be the bridal dress as well. Other dress is also developed on same pattern and style. The small black dots are the real strength of this Saree Design.

Double knitted two color combination fabric with tiny holes is being used to manufacture this Saree. The Saree Pallu is in pipe style and has rings pattern and looking amazing. The silver thread work on light green fabric brought shiny look. The simple round neck half sleeve blouse nourished with intensive silver embroidery work while Saree Pallu Design has less work comparatively. But Ring pattern of Saree Pallu gives strong stylish look.

Cultural embroidery work on following Saree dresses is just awesome. Designer use multicolor combination with old patterns in new and latest fancy way. Extensive embroidery and fabric work with basic printed cultural designs in these Saree Designs gives fancy reflection of cultural old Saree Fashion. The use of Gotta and Lace is being used in such a great professional and creative way to add more attraction to these dresses.

It's a Lehenga look Saree which have Plate-less (Drape-less) lehenga. This sparkling sari may specially designed for party-wears. The dress have net saree-pallu with sparkling floral work on it.

In Indian Film Industry and also in Pakistan some film producer release some films on Snakes named as Nagin (in 1976), Naag Nagin (in 1989) and a lot of films in India & Pakistan on Nagin (Human Snake). In these films the actress wear these types of sparkling and fitted dresses where girl look like SNAKE. This saree patten was most famous from 1979-1990 and may named as Nagin dress. But now a days this stylish dresses is again introduced with some modification, like lower area of lehnga is fully draped and have rounded style.

This Indian Lehenga Saree pattern following the Mughalia style. As Mughal culture follows the kurti pajama but according to embroidery and style this Ornate embroidered saree may called as Mughal saree style.

It's a stylish evergreen Indian saree following the Anarkali style that's why this saree may also called Anarkali saree designs. This saree have net pallu with short Anarkali neck style of blouse and have A-Line lehenga drape.

These are bridal saree designs in Shimmer edition. The sparkling styles are becoming passion for wedding parties,  These both dresses are in sleeveless have Square and sweet-hear neck design. Both saree dresses are fully embroidered and designed according to 2010 & 2011 Modern Fashion.

Black dresses always have it's own grace but if black dress have silver embroidered designs there will no such type of dress. This saree fashion is new like dhoti and have casual style. 
All these saree pictures are taken from in his latest saree collection and She9 use his logo so that no one can copy this article.


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