Abaya dresses and Hijabs are very renowned and compulsory apparels of Middle East and South Asia. The dress mostly used in Muslim economies in all over the world. Abaya dresses have different patterns. Different patterns have evolved in different countries. In Middle East, Gulf countries and specially Dubai, Iran and Saudi Arabia, there are several patterns are exists. Today we have brought an elite collection of Islamic Abaya dresses and hijabs for our valued visitors. The collection has been collected from a world famous online fashion store “MarkaVIP.com”. which was established as an exclusive shopping community with a unique, invitation-only membership and focused on the most sought-after collections from the premiere brands and boutiques in the world. The store has all men and women fashion and apparel products of world class luxury quality. Let’s have a closer view to New Islamic Abaya dresses designs 2013-2014 collection.

Islamic Abaya Dresses Collection
Abaya which is a culture of Islam religion are now adopting in all over the world in different categories like Jilbab, Burqa, Chador, Kaftans and Abaya moreover some girls preferred Abayas with Scarves or Hijabs. Middle East has a lot of brands which are presenting a quality, and huge varieties of Abayas in which Dubai, UAE is leading country. That’s why Muslim girls preferred Abaya designs from Dubai. So here we are going to share with some Abaya Designs from Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Dubai Abaya Dresses.

Dubai Abaya Designs

Iraq Abaya Designs

Irani Abaya Designs

Embroidered Abaya

Simple Abaya Designs

Fancy Abaya Designs

Simple Embroidered Abayas


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