Some fashion never ends. Today we have brought Anarkali dresses from the house of CBAZAR. Anarkali dress is one of the famous and old dress patterns of South Asia. It is very famous in India and Pakistan. In odd language Anarkali dress is called Frock dress or Choori Pajama. It consists of umbrella type shirt which usually fit and stick with body from neck to waist and loose from below. This is called frock. Anarkali dress is a pair of frock and chooridar trouser. In English we can say a trouser having spring type waves at bottom and have skin fit pattern. CBAZAR has recently introduced new designs of Anarkali dress at their official web-page. These Anarkali Suits are awesome and are in trendy fashionable patterns. Let’s have a look…!

Indian Anarkali Dresses 2013-2014

Anarkali Pishwas Suits

Anarkali Open Shirt Frocks

Indian Embroidered Anarkail Frocks

Bridal Embroidered Anarkali Frock

New Fashion of Anarkali Frock

Double Shirt Anarkali Frocks

Most of the Anarkali dresses have been nourished with beautiful embroidery and motif work in different designs. Frequently the dresses have embroidered neck and bust part of shirt. Frocks are available in half, full and ¾ sleeve patterns. All the dresses have fancy motif and zari work touch which made the dresses a bit fancier. Girls can wear these Anarkali dresses for parties and functions like wedding and birthday functions. CBAZAR has a wide range of Anarkali dresses in almost all hot and bold colors. You can choose your favorite color Anarkali dress from CBAZAR website and can order online. Dresses have beautiful bust designs with elegant and stylish embroidery work. Along with embroidered stuff designers has also put lace and strip work to make the dresses fancier and beautiful. You will probably have such a beautiful and remarkable Anarkali dress in your wardrobe. Hope you liked all the dresses. Please leave your comments below. For more elegant and latest fashion information keep visiting she9

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